3. CV

Nedan finns ett utdrag ur mitt CV. Om du önskar information på svenska är det bara att höra av dig till kajsa.johansson(a)lnu.se.

Work experience

2018/09 – Ongoing Strategic Advisor, We Effect and Vi-Agroforestry, Sweden.

2013/11 –  Ongoing PhD Candidate, Linnaeus University, Sweden. The thesis looks into the conditions for peasants’ political organisation in Mozambique since the country’s Independence in 1975. It analysis the material conditions for peasants mobilisation, based on the diversified and constantly changing livelihoods of the rural households, and the relations to State and market actors that the peasant households are involved in.

2013/02 – 2013/11 Civil Society Coordinator, Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA), Kabul, Afghanistan. Responsible for development of SCA’s engagement with civil society actors, including local traditional groups and national NGOs, within the programmatic areas of rural development, health, education and rehabilitation of people with disabilities. Work included external work with partner organisations as well as developing the areas of civil society, community participation and governance in SCA’s strategic planning.

2012/01 – 2013/02 Head of Development and Policy, Swedish Cooperative Centre (SCC, changed name to We Effect in April 2013), head office in Stockholm, Sweden. Main duties: Responsible for strategy and policy development. Coordination and quality assurance of global reporting, applications and dialogue with the main donor, Sida. Coordination and learning between programmes in 25 countries on result-based reporting, implementation of right-based approach, budget revisions etc. Annual turnover 250 MSEK. Member of global management team of SCC.

2010/02 – 2011/12 Country Representative, SCC, Mozambique. Responsible for establishing the organisation at national level in Mozambique, including development of a new national programme and implementation of the organisation’s regional programmes in Mozambique focusing on agriculture, natural resource management and land rights. Annual budget (including Civil Society Support Programme mentioned below) of approximately 30 MSEK. Overall responsibility for the head office in Maputo and the programme office in Niassa. Funding negotiation with Swedish, Danish and Irish donor agencies. Extensive contacts with governmental bodies at different levels. Member of regional management team of SCC Southern Africa.

2009/01 – 2011/12 Programme Director, SCC, Niassa, Mozambique. Responsible for implementation of the Civil Society Support Programme, with an annual budget of approximately 11 MSEK, 20 employees and 25 partner organisations, mainly farmers’ unions and environmental organisations. The Programme was a part of the Swedish multi-sector support to the province, the other parts being support to the private and to the provincial government. The programme collaborated actively with the private and public sector regarding large scale forest investments, local participation in decentralisation processes, implementation of agriculture policies including increase and diversification of production and access to markets.

2008/07 – 2008/12 Deputy Programme Director and Methodology Advisor, SCC, Niassa, Mozambique. Responsible for mainstreaming of gender and HIV. Development of result-based monitoring system and partner assessments.

2007/03 – 2008/06  Tutor on field course, in northern Mozambique for the master’s students from in Peace and Development Work at Växjö University.

2007/08 – 2008/07 Programme Officer Public Health, Africa groups of Sweden, Mozambique. Responsible for the partnership with civil society organisations in public health, SRHR and HIV. Duties included monitoring, budgeting, training and donor coordination.

2006/08 – 2007/07 Organisational Advisor at Mozambican Network of Aids Organisations, MONASO. Internal support to MONASO on organisational issues and to member organisations (community based) on capacity development, training on HIV and gender.

2004/07 – 2006/06 Project Manager, Ajjo Produktion (construction company), Hjo, Sweden. Responsible for projects, mostly public works, including all steps in the production cycle including tendering, planning, supervision, coordination with sub-contractors and clients and documentation.

2004/01 – 2006/06 Junior University Lecturer, Peace and Development Studies, Växjö University, Sweden.

2003/11 – 2004/01 ”Younger Consultant”, Åkesson & Nilsson AB conducting a socio-economic baseline study for large infrastructure investment, Mozambique.

Higher education

2013 –  2015 PhD courses in Sociology (75 ECTS completed), Linnaeus University, Malmö Högskola and School of Oriental and African Studies at University of London.

2000 – 2006 Development Studies (120 ECTS), School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University. Field work 1 month in India. Master’s thesis on labour migration, trade union organising and global division of labour, field work in Sweden, Germany and Eastern Europe.

1998 – 2004 Civil Engineering (MSc), Chalmers University, Gothenburg. Master’s thesis/MFS scholarship in Mozambique about connection between large-scale infrastructure investments and local socio-economic development.

2001 – 2004 Shorter courses including Basic university pedagogy (7,5 ECTS), Sociology (7,5 ECTS), The cultural context of conflict resolution (7,5 ECTS), Geological process on Iceland (7,5 ECTS).

Academic publications and presentations

-Johansson, K. and Persson, M. (forthcoming) Olika regimer, samma ledarskap – Om det lokala maktfältets logik på landsbygden i Moçambique. Praktiske Grunde.

-Johansson, K. and Sambo, M. (forthcoming) Revoltas do Pão. in an IESE publication on food riots, edited by Luís de Brito.

-Johansson, K. (2017, forthcoming) Understanding land protests through Polanyi’s fictitious commodities. in an edited volume published at Earthscan Routledge edited by John F. Devlin.

-Johansson, K. Conditions for peasant class formation in Mozambique. Presented at Sociologidagarna, Uppsala, Sweden, 10-12 March 2016.

-Johansson, K. (2015) O que se arranca com o pedaço de papel. Book chapter in Serra, C. (ed.) O que é pobreza. Escolar Editora, Lissabon.

-Johansson, K. O que se esqueceu lá atrás – A presença da história pós-Independência no discurso contemporâneo político dos camponeses em Moçambique de hoje. Presented at Congresso de História de África, Ancestralidade e Africanidades, Praia, Cabo Verde, 23-25 November 2015.

-Johansson, K. and Sambo, M. Revoltas do pão: Um exercício de cidadania? Da percepção económica e sociopolítica dos manifestantes à realidade official. Presented at IV Conferência académica internacional: Estado, Recursos Naturais e Conflito: Actores e Dinâmicas, Maputo, Moçambique, 27-28 August 2014.

-Johansson, K. and Åkesson, G. Community structures and the governance of community land under pressure: Mozambique 15 years after approval of the land law. Presented at IASC Regional Conference, Umeå, Sweden, 16-18 September 2014.

-Follér, M-L., and Johansson, K. (2012). Collective action and absent civil society organisations in the Maputo suburbs. In H. a. Moksnes, Global civil society: shifting powers in a shifting world. Uppsala: Uppsala University.

-Gregow, K., Hermele, K., Johansson, K., Nhampossa, D. and Wolpher, M. (2012) The race for land. Stockholm: Afrikagrupperna/Forum Syd/SCC. (Co-editor of the volume and co-author of three chapters)

Selection of trainings

2013 Personal and organisational security, Armadillo, Kabul, Afghanistan.

2009 – 2010 Leadership for new managers, 5 modules training over a 5 months period, focus on personal and strategic leadership, communication and team development, MiL Institute, Klippan, Sweden.

2009 & 2011 Result based programme monitoring and management, focus on result- and goal oriented organisations, learning and reflection within organisations, result based management, MDF, Harare, Zimbabwe 2009. Follow-up training with MDF, Maputo, Mozambique 2011.

2009 Security Management and International Law, ATHA, Sida Partnership Forum, Härnösand, Sweden.

2009 UGL training on group dynamics and leadership, focus on giving and receiving feed-back, team development, leadership types, individual and collective reflection, Knista, Sweden.

2006 Training of Trainers: Hiv, gender and sexuality, RFSU and Afrikagrupperna, Arusha, Tanzania.

2006 Portuguese (6 weeks), PortLingua, Lisbon, Portugal.

2006 Preparation for change, preparatory course for international cooperation work, Sida Civil Society Centre, Härnösand, Sweden.

Selection of assignments

2016 Assessment of SCA experience on civilian-military interaction and consequences of the military intervention on aid delivery – an input to the Swedish Government’s Evaluation of Sweden’s engagement in Afghanistan.

2014-2015 Assessment of advocacy and political influence for Swedish Committee for Afghanistan, mapping possible advocacy areas, platforms and stakeholders to enhance the advocacy work in Sweden, Europe and Afghanistan. (Together with Magnus Forsberg.)

2014 Elaboration of six year development cooperation programme on natural resources and climate change for We Effect, Mozambique. Departing from achievements and lessons learnt from implementation of previous programme, stakeholder consultation.

2014  Head of evaluation team, evaluating the five year strategic plan of Facilidade in Nampula, Mozambique including capacity development of local partners, management effectiveness, results’ achievement and coordination and alignment with government authorities and other actors. (Together with Santos Simione.)

2013 Coordination of Church of Sweden delegation visit to Mozambique, with the aim to create a common understanding of the conflicts between the forestry companies owned by GSFF, the local communities and peasants’ organisations.

Selection of commitments and appointments

2016 – Ongoing Board member of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida).

2016 – Ongoing Board member of the Swedish Peace and Arbitration Society.

2015 – Ongoing Member of SIANI’s steering committee.

2015 – Ongoing Board member of Swedish Committee for Afghanistan.

2014 Awarded the FUF price 2014 for work in development cooperation in Afghanistan and Mozambique as well as participation in the development cooperation debate in Sweden, for example through the blog.

2012 Advisor to the official Swedish delegation to the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women during the Commissions annually meeting in February-March. The special focus of the year was economic empowerment of rural women. Except from advisory role, I participated in a panel organized by the Swedish Government/Sida on gender equality as smart economics, presenting a paper on importance of land rights for rural women’s economic empowerment.

2009 Paul Harris Rotary International Grant for work with several projects in Mozambique with support from Rotary Sweden.

2006 – Ongoing News articles, reports, chronicles and editorials published in Swedish press regarding issues such as international development cooperation, aid-effectiveness, corruption, rural development, conflicts around land and natural resources, private sector in development cooperation, gender etcetera. Also published articles in Mozambican press on among other issues, civil society, the world of consultancies and tourism.

2005 Planned and managed a project with a support CD for hidden refugees (“För dom vi skickar tillbaks”). A wide range of nationally known Swedish artists produced unique material for the record of which all incomes (around 350 000 SEK) went to a national network providing legal and medical assistance as well as housing to refugees.

2001 – 2006 Founded the quarterly magazine ”oreda” and was the editor and publisher during five years. The magazine was for free, financed by among others Forum Syd and the EU. The focus was on local and global solidarity issues and the writers were from all over the world. The magazine collaborated with social movements and universities of all continents. The edition rose over the years, during the last two it was 5000 ex per edition.

Language skills

Swedish: Mother tongue

English: Fluent in writing, speaking and reading

Portuguese: Fluent in writing, speaking and reading