London för farligt för olympiad?

Hittade detta tänkvärda inlägg på CNN Business blog (lite oväntad källa kanske…)

”Now that the South African government has issued a travel warning to citizens travelling to the United Kingdom some have been questioning the double standards. Had this happened in South Africa – a year before the World Cup – many suggest that the world’s media would have been pressuring the football governing body, FIFA, to move the tournament someplace safer. FIFA would often hint at a Plan B location, such as “safe” Australia, if South Africa became too dangerous or unpleasant to host the World Cup.

However, now that the Olympic Games are to take place in a year’s time in London, some Africans are asking why more people aren’t debating whether England can pull off the world’s oldest sports tournament. After all, they say, the streets are burning! The mobs are in control! The politicians are on the beach! Call in the army!  Is there a Plan B for the Olympics, some ask jokingly? How about South Africa?”


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